NSI Delivering Bonitasoft
in the USA

with the Bonita open source Digital Process Automation platform.

Deliver automation projects rapidly and continuously.
Increase visibility for insights to improve your processes.

NSI delivers outstanding customer results to the US and Canadian markets. We will provide on premises consulting in business process, change management and six-sigma techniques to deliver real success for your implementation.  NSI is a certified Bonita partner covering the western hemisphere.

Deliver your BPM projects successfully and a better ROI.

We use Bonita to enable collaboration, to rapidly deliver automation projects, and develop applications using our successful implementation methodology.  CSS/NSI deliver outstanding customer experiences and value.  We do this through understanding more than software.

We come with decades of experience in BPM, Six-Sigma, Change Management and Consulting.  We drive the software to perform for your processes through our experience and expertise.  Our success is only as much as you are successful.  As a real team we deliver your goals.  Our customer testimonials below will share some of the success.

CSS/NSI will enable your business processes, collaborate with you on how to automate them and implement them in the most effective way.  

We will create tremendous UI/UX experiences that will delight your team.  We walk with you every step of the way – real insights, not just code.  AS RPA brings tremendous benefits.  Our RPA practice brings AI, experiences and automation to change the way you work – smarter and faster.  We create winning interactions between humans, systems and robots with extensible and embedable open-source Bonita.  

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Take a look at a typical scenario when it comes to harnessing the insights stemming from process data to the new tendencies as well as technologies in that realm, specifically data mining and process mining.

We are pleased to have been assisting COPA Airlines (NYSE: CPA) in creating and implementing their mission critical Business Process Management (BPM) solution, using the Bonitasoft suite for the handling of lost luggage for each COPA branch worldwide. 

NSI’s staff works closely together with the Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP) and its chapter for America, embedding the Business Process Management Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) into its projects, methodologies and coaching session with customers affirming: 

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